Bali Sehat provides life-saving health care and education for some of the most disadvantaged people in Bali, covering the area known as the Karangasem regency, including Amed, Mt. Agung and surrounding villages. And it needs your help to continue its vital work!

Founded by Ray and Sue Bishop, Bali Sehat was established to help local villagers access the kinds of basic health care that many of us take for granted. Alongside fellow founder, Dr Angga, they opened a medical clinic in November 2012, and have worked hard as a registered Yayasan in Indonesia, and as part of the Rotary charity in Australia, to grow and meet the needs of the area.

Last year alone the clinic treated over 7900 patients, with over 5000 people walking through the doors of the small village-based clinic, and others treated at local banjars and at ‘healthy days’ sponsored by other groups and businesses. It’s an incredible result considering the clinic has a small registration office, an even smaller maternity room and a consultation room that is no bigger than a bedroom.

The consultation room houses two doctors who visit twice a week, with ongoing care provided by the dedicated nurses who manage the pharmacy and daily patient needs. The most common health issues seen by the team at Bali Sehat are arthritis, diabetes, stroke and cataracts. The medications needed to manage these conditions however, are out of reach for the many people in this region who live on less than $100 USD per year. Bali Sehat is proud to be able to provide free care and life saving medication for these patients, most of whom are subsistence farmers working hard every day to feed their families and provide for their community.

Free medical care aside, the conditions at the clinic are less than ideal, making an urgent visit to the doctor even more stressful for patients. With two beds squeezed into the tiny consultation room, patients are treated side-by-side, meaning that patient privacy is virtually non-existent. Often patients are nervous about visiting the doctor, and exposing sensitive medical details with barely any privacy can make people feel even more vulnerable. While the doctors and nurses do amazing work, it is cramped and uncomfortable for staff and patients alike, and the team urgently need more space to ensure patient dignity.

The amazing team at Bali Sehat believe that everyone deserves clean, safe, basic medical care and education, but in order to keep providing this they need to raise funds to expand their clinic. They have worked hard to secure a centralized plot of land amongst the villages, with the goal of building a new and improved Bali Sehat. With enough funds, the new property will have a standalone pharmacy, a dedicated birthing room, a dentistry room and equipment, a full-time doctor, three consultation rooms, and storage and staff facilities. This will have a profoundly positive and far-reaching impact on the lives of those who depend on the free medical services of Bali Sehat. It is so easy to forget how fortunate most of us are to be able to access and afford reasonable medical care and education for our children. Please help to make sure that these often forgotten people can access the same health and education standards as others in Bali.

Bricks for Bali

Please donate and help raise funds for Bricks For Bali – every rupiah and cent counts!

For every donation of $100 or 1M IDR, you get your name or your business name engraved on the brick that will go into the building. If you donate $200, you get two bricks engraved, and so on. If you are a business that donates you will also receive a huge thank you shout out on Bali Sehat social media networks and those of The Travellist.

You can donate here via our Indonesian Yayasan account or via the Australian Rotary link (tax deductible in Australia). Please email us the details of your contribution so we can make sure we sing your praises from the rooftop and have your brick engraved with the correct name. Email to [email protected]





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