Our Financial Concept

Our goal is clear: To provide medical care free of charge for the poor population of the area. In order to do so we have several means of fundraising, which are donations, the cooperation with the government funded basic insurance for poor Indonesians, BPJS, and paying patients.

Paying Patients

Our clinic is not only open to poor people but also to people who can afford to pay for our services. By doing so they help us finance our care programs. If you wish to make an appointment with one of our doctors please use the Klinik Bali Sehat – Contact And Appointment page.


Many, but by no means all, Indonesians have this basic medical insurance organised by the government. The monthly premiums are extremely low, as is the financial compensation for the medical service provider at which they are registered. Since our clinic is a medical facility which is officially recognised by the Indonesian government we also get this modest financial compensation for every registered patient insured by the BPJS program.


Despite the modest revenue generated from paying patients we mainly depend on regular donations to cover the costs for treating the needy population of East-Karangasem for free and for financing our other programs.

Our Expenses 2020/2021

The major part of our funding during the last two years went into the construction of our new clinic.

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Our Patients 2020/2021

Top 10 Diseases

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Patients by Age

15 – 64 YEARS
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Our Budget 2022

The major part of our funds will be consumed by salaries and medicine.