We are a small, non-profit, charity in one of the poorest regions of East Bali. It is a free clinic for local people with healthcare and education.


Bali Sehat is a broad based community initiative providing remote village families in Karangasem with basic health care, nutritional education and prescriptive and non prescriptive medicines.


A few years ago, when Ray and Sue Bishop were contemplating retirement they met caring local people and discussed the lack of health and hygiene in the Amed region.

After hiking into some of the remote regions and visiting some of the villagers, they returned to Australia determined to return with funds and a plan to change this around. These kind-hearted retirees, with no medical training returned and achieved just that; forming a strong team of local staff and volunteers they have brought Bali Sehat to the local people.

Today after 5 years of operation 25,000 people have benefited so far. Though keeping us very busy, as we age ‘working with the local people has enhanced and enriched our lives’.

Please support our cause, there are many more to help.


Dokter Angga

Dr Angga is a founding father of Bali Sehat and dedicates all his time and energies to providing medical care and advice to those who need it the most. He is genuine and has a huge heart which shows in how our patients respond to him and trust his advice in their treatment

Ni Luh Putu Suarningsih

After graduating from STIKES Singaraja majoring in Midwifery, Suarningsih went to work with Bali Sehat which is close to her home. She knows the people who need help the most. She also loves to socialize and meet many other people from her work with Bali Sehat.

I Wayan Putu Ekariana
Computer Teacher

Eka loves helping others, because it makes him happy. He believes his knowledge in computer could help the young community to acquire the skills which has become more and more important to improve the chance of employment nowadays.

Ni Wayan Julien Astiti
English Teacher

Asti was graduated from Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar. She joined Bali Sehat team as she loves teaching English to her students and she feels like she also learns a lot from them at the same time.

Ni Wayan Ari Novianti

With Nursery degree from STIKes Wira Medica, Ari is very keen on working with Bali Sehat to help thousands of people in Amed, Karangasem. At the same time, she wants to get more experience that she can use to help even more people.

Ni Kadek Novi Purnamasari

Knowing Bali Sehat gave free medical for the underprivileged, is reason enough for Novi to join them to do more good. She loves working with Bali Sehat team and she want to use the knowledge & skills in Midwifery which she acquires from STIKes Bina Usada.

Ni Putu Diah Sukma Pramestia

Diah was born in Kubu, Karangasem and went to STIKES University to learn about Midwifery. She decided to join Bali Sehat and she has since loved working there because she is very keen on interacting with other people and helping them at the same time.