W H A T  W E  D O

Bali Sehat helps Bali’s Poor access health services and provides health and nutritional education, also we regularly do health day event.

Free Clinic

Our clinic Pratama Bali Sehat is working towards a sustainable program.

With the support of the government’s BPJS program and suppling medical care to expats and tourists in the region we hope to become sustainable in the future.

Healthy Days

We deliver medical treatment Via healthy days in the Banjar direct to the villagers these are sponsored days funded by clubs and generous donations.

On average we can reach over 5,000 people per year

Health & Hygiene

Good personal hygiene involves keeping all parts of the external body clean and healthy. It is important for maintaining both physical and mental health.

Our work in numbers

We deliver medical treatment Via Healthy Days in the Banjar direct to the villagers these are sponsored days funded by clubs and generous donations on average we can reach over 5,000 people per year.


Healthy Days

Since 2012 we have delivered free medical dental and specialist treatment. Bali sehat has cordinated with other foundations to help women receive pap smears and breast checks along with an understanding of the benefits, Also eye examinations glasses and caract surgery Physio treatment and many other services.

Mission Statement

Bali Sehat is a broad based community initiative providing remote village families in Karangasem with basic health care, nutritional education and prescriptive and non prescriptive medicines

Meet Our Team

Ray and Sue Bishop came to Bali in 2010 with a dream of helping The Balinese with health and hygiene. In 2012 they began their journey and today they stand proud delivering a sustainable module for the future. Ray passed away April 27 2021 but his legacy will remain.

dr. Lanang Angga started volunteering in the beginning of 2012 sharing the dream of helping his people. He shared his skills and experience working many hours to give comfort and care to the sick, disabled and elderly.

Today he stands proud as the Medical Director of Bali Sehat

Ray Bishop

Ray Bishop


Sue Bishop

Sue Bishop


dr. Angga

dr. Angga

Medical Director


Please follow us and share our page as we are about to start opening our new clinic that will provide free medical care to some of the poorest villages in Bali.

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Jln. I Ketut Natih, Dsn. Seloni

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